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Do I Need Complete Smart Home Automation?

No. You don’t need it, but you may really want it... Here’s why.

Do I Need Complete Smart Home Automation?

A fully automated smart home may sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but for many luxury homeowners in Colorado, it’s a source of satisfaction, comfort, and connectivity.  Top builders,  architects, and interior designers serving the front range - Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder - know smart home automation  is a sought after luxury.  Keep reading to learn why.


Comfort and Safety?

Smart thermostats, smart security cameras, voice controlled entertainment centers… there are lots of smart devices with amazing capabilities.  The art in designing a satisfying smart home automation solution happens when all of the desired features work together as a single, easily controllable system to make the home convenient, comfortable, and efficient. 

For example, using motorized shades, lighting control, smart HVAC, and Smart security, you can arrive at home and be welcomed by a house adjusted to your comforts and desires, whatever time of day or night.  While home or away, when your motorized shades can identify that too much sunlight is overheating the house or damaging valuable interior treatments, the shades can lower and the lights brighten to keep the perfect lighting level.  A well designed smart home automation system can protect both you and your investment.



Massive internet speeds, battery backed WiFi that works when the power is out, uniform cell phone coverage throughout the home, voice controlled access to movies, events, YouTube, music, shopping … A well designed communications system is reliable in the long term, keeping you connected without hassle or interruptions.   Denver, Colorado Springs, and Boulder all can have difficult telecommunications scenarios to solve in order to deliver seamless connectivity.  Command Performance systems work in the background, ‘round the clock, so you hardly notice. 



Oh yeah!  

Imagine getting ready for a big party and, just before your guests arrive, setting up all the mood lighting, playing your  favorite music throughout the home, turning on the HDTVs with whatever images you want, adjusting  the window treatments, the water  features, and your custom welcome scenes with the push of a single button on a hand held remote control!  This is easy to do with current technology, and you can customize it to your heart’s content yourself!

How about (verbally) telling your remote control what to play on the HDTV and having it turn on the TV, the surround system, adjust the lights, and then find that movie or game for you?

Some people derive a lot of satisfaction expressing their creativity when designing or remodeling a home.  That’s why Command Performance custom designs unique Smart Home Automation systems to suit each individual. 


What Features to Choose From?

There’s a lot!  So take what you want and leave the rest.

  • Whole Home Audio Video: Play whatever you want wherever you want to… or shut down everything at night with the push of a single button.
  • Home Theater and/or Media Rooms: This is always fun, and a great place to socialize.
  • Motorized Window Treatments: Enhance and protect the beauty of your interior treatments by controlling the most beautiful light – sunshine!
  • Lighting Control:  Perfectly illuminate your interior to enhance its beauty and enable your activities ‘round the clock. When not needed, smart lighting can shut off automatically to save energy and expense.  Security issues can light up the entire property for safety.
  • Heating and Cooling:  A complete smart automation system can adjust for occupancy, time of day, weather, quality of air, and to suit your personal lifestyle.
  • Smart Security: Home or away, use your smartphone to understand what is happening in the home, lock and unlock remotely, or grant limited access to specific individuals while gone.
  • Cameras: While at home or on the go, use your smartphone to see what is happening on the property, alert you to activity, or automatically call for help.
  • Communications: WiFi, Cellular, Intercom, Voice Control, Internet Speed – these aspects are not so much an option as what makes everything else possible.


How Do I Get It Just the Way I Want It?

Call Command Performance at (303) 740-6888 today!  We look forward to hearing your unique ideas!  Our skilled and experienced smart home automation technicians can design, install, and maintain your smart home system with ease.  Learn more about our process by reading our online portfolio.