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Want the Full Cinema Experience in Your Home Theater? Here’s How to Get It!

Savant Home Theater Design: the Perfect Choice for Luxury Homes

Want the Full Cinema Experience in Your Home Theater? Here’s How to Get It!

Not all home theaters are created equal. There are rooms that have a large screen and theater-style seats, and then there are rooms that are optimized to provide you with the perfect movie-watching experience. If you’re a luxury homeowner in the Denver, Colorado area, you probably want the second option. In this blog, we cover how a Savant home theater design creates more than just a room to watch movies—it gives you the full cinematic experience right in your home. 


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Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy Your Movie with Savant

A truly great home theater design goes far beyond a huge screen and cushy seats. It recreates the same relaxation and ease of watching a movie in a commercial theater. When you go to see a movie at a commercial theater, one of the best things about the whole event is that all you have to do is find your seat. You don’t have to walk over to the Blu-ray player, insert a DVD, turn off the lights, close the door, etc. It’s all done for you! 

But here’s a little secret: you don’t have to drive over to your local theater to get that experience—you can have it within your own home!

How a Savant Home Theater Works

Here’s how to get that commercial theater look and feel: use a Savant smart home automation system to connect all of the technology in your private home theater. We’re not just talking about the projector and screen either—everything from the lights on the ceiling to the speakers in the walls can be controlled by one easy-to-use system. Because all of the home theater components are connected, you can literally control your room with the push of a button.

So when you decide you want to watch a movie, just sit down and pull out your smartphone or tablet. Pick out the movie you want to watch and then press “Start.” It’s that simple. Instantly, the lights will dim, the projector will turn on, and your movie will begin. Practically the only thing your Savant system won’t do is set out the popcorn!

How to Get Started with Savant Home Theater Design

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We are Savant certified dealers with more than 25 years of experience with automation and home theater design and installation. Luxury homes deserve more than just “off the shelf” home theater solutions, which is why we work with each homeowner, interior designer, architect, and other parties to make sure that each home theater is custom-built to be perfect for your lifestyle.

You can also learn more about Command Performance’s process for home theater design by looking at our online portfolio.